Statement of Rental Policy

This property does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familiar status, or national origin.  Applicants for apartment homes will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, and subject to the availability of apartment type requested.  A rental application is to be completed by each applicant.  Any omission or falsification may result in rejection of application or termination of lease.  A U.S. government issued photo identification such as a state issued driver’s license or passport will be required for identification and a copy will be retained in the resident file at the time of application.  All U.S. government identification must have 2D or MRZ barcode which will be scanned through Check Point ID for verification. All applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age. (19 years of age in Alabama).  Applicants must have either a valid Social Security Number or an Individual Tax Identification Number.  A list of acceptable forms of documentation required for application processing is available upon request.
Co-signors are prohibited, except for students, at Management’s discretion.  In the event that a co-signer is permitted, the co-signer will be fully responsible for the lease if the occupying resident defaults.  Co-signers are not permitted if the applicant is declined due to unsatisfactory credit or if the occupying party does not receive a preferable reference from a previous landlord.  Co-signers must make 4 times the monthly market rent as income. A qualified cosigner will be required for all students and up to two month’s deposit if the student lacks prior positive rental history and established credit. Bankruptcy discharge papers must be provided, and an additional deposit may be required.
When considering an applicant or co-signer/guarantor for residency, five personal categories will be carefully reviewed. It is mandatory that a source of income is verified for application approval.
  1. Credit: Verifiable through Resident Verify Screening with Precise ID Verification                                             
  • Less than 33% positive credit- Possible decline of application
  • RV Score from 40-59- Possible additional deposits would be required
  • Student and medical bills are not include                       
  1. Employment History: Verifiable through employer inquiry or notarized letter  from employer -verify 2 years employment history
  1. Rental History/Mortgage History: Verifiable though landlord inquiry and/or mortgage  inquiry- verify 2 years rental/mortgage history
  • The applicant must have complied with all community policies and may not have any unresolved debts.
  • If applicant has more than 4 late payments within a 12-month period, it could be subject to denial.
  • Management Company declines favorable reference - Possible Decline of application
  • Mortgage History not in good standing -    Additional deposit will be required
                                                                                                                                           4.  INCOME:    Verifiable by paycheck stub(s) for one month income,             W-2 or previous year’s tax return, 1-2 months Bank Statements.                    Verifiable source of income is mandatory
  • Combined household applicants’ monthly income must equal 3 times the rent. If monthly income equals less than 3 times the rent, this could result in possible decline of application
  • Co-signers allowed only for students and must make 4 times the rent. If monthly income equals less than 4 times the rent, this could result in possible decline of application.
  • Dependent occupants from age 18 years old (19 in Alabama) to 25 years old that reside with parents as head of household and do not qualify based on income will be screened for criminal only and will be added to the lease as occupant only.  
A criminal background history will be conducted on anyone 18 or older (19 years of age in Alabama) that will reside in the household.             
The apartment owner and management provide equal housing opportunity for qualified applicants and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, familial status, or any other legally recognized status in each state the property is located.
However, we have an interest in protecting the residents and others on the property from crime.  Depending on the nature of the crime committed, how long ago that occurred, the facts involved, likelihood of someone committing another crime, and other factors, you may not be able to live on our property.
We have the right to perform a criminal background search of each person who will be a resident or occupant of the apartment community and do not allow persons who have a recent criminal history to live here. Data on recidivism rates demonstrate our interest in the potential risk that any criminal history might impact your ability to pay rent, our liability if you were to commit another crime against someone in our community, and fear or unhappiness of other residents and occupants who are aware of your history.
Even if the applicant has been a resident on our property prior to this time, if convicted of a crime since the date of move-in or re applying, this could result in denial of the application.  If the application is denied because of a criminal history, applicant will be advised of the basis of the disqualification, the company that provided the information to us from the criminal background search, and afforded an opportunity to dispute the person identified in the search; that the records are inaccurate; or provide us with a statement and explanation of what occurred and why we should review the decision to decline the application.
When requesting a review of a denied application, a signed and dated statement or other evidence that provides us a basis for the review is required.  If a dispute of the denial is due to a name that been confused with another person who committed the crime or the applicant’s name was used for identity theft, it will be the applicant’s responsibility to contact the consumer reporting agency that provided the information and take appropriate steps to correct the credit or criminal file.  If criminal conviction is revealed but the applicant believes other factors show that the applicant is not a risk to the community, then a written statement will be required outlining those considerations, including, but not limited to, the rehabilitation or treatment; community involvement, support, and ties; and employment history, stability, or training.

URP Management, LLC does not decline rental applications based solely on an arrest record.  An arrest is only an accusation that a crime was committed.  It is our policy to look only at actual convictions.  A conviction means that there is a finding or adjudication of guilt by a court.  However, if the arrest is recent and for a serious crime, management has the right to investigate the facts pertaining to the charge and request a written statement regarding what occurred.  Therefore, we have the right to decline a rental application based on the actual underlying facts related to the arrest if the facts have a bearing on whether the applicant is qualified to live in the community even if the arrest has not resulted in a conviction.
A background check will be processed at the same time as processing of the rental application for the credit check.  The rental application will not be approved unless the applicant is qualified as to each of the rental criteria.
In general, we will not deny a rental application based on a single (or lesser and related included) offense which is over 7 years old.  However, we will consider multiple offenses within a 10-year period as a disqualification.  The look back period will start from the date of the rental application going back to either: the date of the crime, conviction, completion of probation or parole, or release from jail or prison, whichever is later.
In general, we will not consider misdemeanors unless they are of an aggravating or serious nature or you have multiple misdemeanors over a period of 10 years.
No more than two (2) persons per bedroom or sleeping space shall be permitted to occupy an apartment. A child or infant who is under the age of twelve (12) months at the time of leasing or renewing an existing lease will not be counted in determining the maximum number of persons who may occupy an apartment. Residents who have exceeded the occupancy restriction are not required to “upgrade” (move to a larger apartment) until the end of their current lease or renewal term (not including any month-to-month automatic renewal extensions).  Other factors may be considered such as the square footage of the apartment, and layout and configuration of the apartment.

Only one vehicle allowed per leaseholder with a MAXIMUM allowed of 2 vehicles / 1 bedroom, 2 vehicles / 2 bedroom, and 3 vehicles / 3 bedroom. All other vehicles (visitors) must park in overflow parking if available. All vehicles must always be registered with management and if required, a parking decal displayed for premise parking to be allowed.  All visitors or those without a proper decal must park in a marked visitor parking space or be subject to booting/towing at owners’ expense. Motorcycles must have manager’s consent prior to move in.  Vehicles older than 15 years old may not be allowed. Trailers, commercial vans, and campers are not permitted as well as inoperable and unlicensed vehicles.


URP Management, LLC utilizes to screen household pets, validate reasonable accommodation requests for assistance animals and confirm every resident understands our pet policies. To facilitate the screening and validation process, offers our applicants and residents help in managing pet and animal records.

All current and future residents are required to create a profile, even if there is not going to be a pet in the apartment. If a pet will reside in the apartment, upon completion of the profile, a Fido Score will be generated for each pet. The Fido Score determines if your pet is accepted and all applicable fees that apply. See our list of restricted dog breeds below.
Please be prepared to fill out all fields that are applicable in the profile so an accurate Fido score is generated. Any pet with a Fido score below 3 will not be accepted.
  • Applicants and Residents are responsible for the Profile Fee to be paid to upon registration. If there is no pet in the household and/or the animal is a verified assistance or support animal, then no Pet Screening Profile Fee will be charged.
  • There is a monthly/per pet fee that will be added to applicable lease agreements. This does not include the fee.

Animals are prohibited except within the following restrictions.  An Animal Agreement must be signed. (2) Animals per apartment and animal weight limit of 100 lbs. maximum on 1st floor levels, (with a maximum weight limit of 45 lbs. on the 2nd & 3rd floor levels). Pets over 70 pounds to a maximum of 100 pounds are restricted to 1 pet per apartment. An additional non-refundable fee is required.  Animal must be at least one year old and established animal fee must be paid in full at Move-in or within 48 hours of acquiring animal or a fine will be imposed set by the property. An Animal Interview must be conducted prior to animal approval. Animals must be up-to-date on all vaccinations, including rabies vaccinations. Once approved, an animal DNA must be provided and remain in the Bio Pet World Pet Registry (WPR), located in Knoxville, Tennessee and available to the property manager throughout the residency. This is used for the purpose of identifying the owner of any dog feces left on property grounds and a fee will be imposed set by the property. Select aggressive breeds may be prohibited to include but not limited to American Staffordshire Terrier AKA Pit Bull or Bull Terrier, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweiler, German Shepherds, Chows, Presa Canarios, Dingo, Cane Corso (aka Italian Mastiff) Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Wolf-hybrids, and mixes of these breeds.  All fish aquariums and other small domesticated animals may be permitted upon approval such as hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and small lizards that can be maintained in a small terrarium or aquarium and will not count toward the animal limit or be charged a pet fee. All domesticated birds will count toward the 2-animal limit per apartment home and will be charged a pet fee. AQUARIUMS: Aquariums are only allowed subject to Management’s prior written approval. All aquariums over 55 gallons or larger must be on a first-floor level only.

It is the Owner and Management's policy to provide reasonable accommodations in the apartment community's operational policies and procedures and to permit reasonable modifications that are necessary and related to the disability for persons with a demonstrated disability. The Prospect and/or Resident must request and obtain permission from the owner or management for any accommodation or modification.  The cost or expense of physical modifications to the apartment or apartment community is the responsibility of the Resident, unless the applicable law requires the owner or Management to be responsible for the cost of such modifications. A Resident or occupant with a demonstrated disability is allowed to have an assistance animal to assist with the person's disability. A disabled Resident or occupant may be allowed to have a commonly accepted domestic dog, cat, or other convenience animal which has not been trained as an assistance animal only under limited conditions, but such animals will not be allowed if they have a history of dangerous, vicious, or unsafe behavior or are considered to be unsafe, dangerous, or vicious in nature.
Resident further acknowledges receipt of notice from Property requiring Resident to maintain a policy of Personal Liability insurance, which provides limits of liability to third parties in an amount not less than $100,000 per occurrence.  Resident agrees to maintain, at Resident’s sole expense, during the Term of Lease and any subsequent renewal periods, a policy of personal liability insurance satisfying such requirements.  This liability insurance does not protect Resident against loss or damage to Resident’s personal property or belongings – only a renters’ insurance policy does this which is highly recommended to cover personal property damage.
This community has partnered with Resident Insure, a premier provider of renter’s insurance, to provide our residents with a liability and/or renter’s insurance policy, available for purchase online or through their call center.  You may enroll by calling 1-800-566-1186 or visiting to purchase your liability and renter’s insurance policy in less than 5 minutes. If Resident has not provided the evidence of insurance with a provider of your choosing, Resident agrees to pay an additional $15.00 per month to Owner in connection with Owner adding Resident as an "additional insured" to a Resident Insure insurance policy maintained by Owner.. 

A good faith deposit will be required at the time of application.  In the event the applicant cancels after 24 hours, the good faith deposit will be forfeited.  If the application is accepted, this deposit will be applied towards payment of the refundable security deposit. If Management denies the application, the deposit will be refunded. All fees, deposits, and leasing criteria may vary by community. All payments made for deposits, application fees , administrative fees and first month’s rent (if move in occurs on or after the 25th of the month, payment must include prorated for current month plus next full month rent and all other charges) and  must be paid in the form of certified check, credit card or debit card. No money orders, personal checks or e-checks will be accepted at that time. Please refer to the Application for Residency and the Rental Receipt for fees and Deposits’ due and payable. *Should the same applicant(s) reapply within 30 days of the original submittal date, the administrative fees, application fees and deposits will not be charged and collected again if original payment(s) has already been received and funds cleared. *Special Stipulations may apply. Please contact the property directly for the specific details of the Leasing Criteria Qualifications listed above.


Revised 12/2/22